Happy Turkey Day

It all happened a bit impromptu but we decided to go to Crystal’s father’s home for the holiday. We decided that not having too cook was worth the drive to Gig Harbor. I think it was nice to spend time with them and get some traditional food in us. Of course, we didn’t feel good later and it turned out to be the worst Thanksgiving ever. You see, we are pretty sure Henry brought a nice (no, freaking nasty) stomach flu bug home. I woke up at around five this morning to Henry’s cries to find him having shat his pants. I suddenly noticed an urge too and from then until now its been a nonstop rotation between the bed and the bathroom.

Not pretty. Crystal spent over half the time puking at her dad’s house. The pregnancy wasn’t helping the extreme abdominal pains that came with this bug.

Other then that, I am trying to enjoy the 4 days off I got. I feel terrible for Crystal with it being Black Friday. All those corporates try to out do one another by opening earlier. Kohl’s is opening at like 4 or something. As a shopper, all that says to me is “Hey shoppers, we are so greedy for your money that we are willing to ruin our employees day of rest with the family; forcing them to bed early so they have to get their ass in here to serve your holiday spending frenzy.” Enough ranting from me.

Oh, I finally ordered a pair of active studio monitors, I decided to go with the HSM50 model from Yamaha (man my back is killing me right now). It was a great deal. Everything I’ve read indicates they will give a flat response. I am a little paranoid that I should have spent more and gotten something a little better. Ach zo; if I get to place where that matters then I can upgrade. I don’t mind using headphones but it doesn’t allow you the freedom speakers give you.

UPDATE: Ok, it’s Sunday evening. The family took a three hour nap. It made us all feel better. We quickly made some rice and finished off the Bitky I made a few days ago. The faucet isn’t off yet. Man, I hope this goes away before tomorrow.

UPDATE: Monday morning; I finally feel somewhat human. I hope Henry is doing well.

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