Gimme More

My sister had an emergency surgery on Wednesday which went well. She is all right and I swung by on my way home from work that night to check on her. The following day the whole family went down and I spent the day helping her stay relaxed while she recuperated. My parents are on vacation so I really needed to be there for her.

Otherwise, ot much new is happening. We all got a free copy of Richard Garriott’s Tabula Rasa at work so I installed and love it. It’s a Sci-Fi MMORPG. Anyway, if anyone ever gathers the desire to, I’m on the Orion server. Some of the quests are still a little buggy but overall, it is an immersive game. We have also been playing a weekly tournament against other game studios in Team Fortress 2. We won our first game against Rainbow Studios and we play Monolith next week. We are all pumped. It feel like we are playing an instance where the end boss is Valve. Of course, thy probably know of every secret and know of some insane hack that will make the game over fast but it’ll be fun. Oh, and Ace Combat 6 kicks serious ass for anyone looking for a flight sim for the 360. It is notably more difficult that 4. I skipped 5 because it had a terrible story.

Enough about gaming, I am working to develop a newsletter subscription interface for our users. After that, we are building a new website from scratch. I have started working on developing some fantastic classes to handle MySQL queries and language detection. Now that I look back at my code I have really come a long way. The deadlines are coming quick for just about everything.

Oh, and does making Britney Spear’s “Gimme More” my cell phone’s ring tone make me cheap and dirty? Maybe a little.

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