The Cycle Repeats

I have been going through the cycle again where I decided that it is time to stop feeding myself junk. I can’t remember how many times I have resolved myself to do this but here I go again. I will take small yet firm steps in the right direction and resist all temptation to destroy myself. We’ll see how that goes.

It’s really late. I just got done running some sweepstakes reports and wanted to get them sent off to those who wanted them. While I was doing that I installed the Hellgate beta on my home computer. I played it at work and it was amazing. Buggy indeed, the concept and gameplay are sure to make it a long lasting title in the tradition of Diablo II.

I finally got around to replacing the LCD panel to Crystal’s laptop which I had broken. It was pricey given the cost of a laptop. I regret having to go through that all for some carelessness I could have avoided. Henry has been fun and difficult to care for. At times he is amazingly cute while giving us kisses, trying to say thank you, and a wonderful array of smiles whenever he knows you are watching him. Other times he becomes fixated on something like a book on a table or a screw driver and will through fits in an attempt to reach whatever said fixation is. His ‘tantrums’ never last long and we have been ignoring them believing that by doing so we do not help him establish a legitimacy to his absurd behaviors. So far it has worked.

Crystal has been much, much more ill with this second child. She is nauseas constantly barely able to do anything but simply rest to avoid barfing. I feel terrible and wish to help her in these moments.

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