Sugar Addiction

It has been almost two weeks Tuesday that I have stopped drinking soda. It has been extremely difficult for me. The non-stop headaches have me taking ibuprofen at least twice a day. The caffeine withdrawals came and went in the first couple days but these sugar withdrawals have me feeling fatigued, unable to think and talk clearly, and sleeping difficulties. I am quite amazed how easily I was addicted to it. I was probably drinking the equivalent of 6 cans of high fructose corn syrup death a day. Finally, after seeing an advertisement for a new diabetes drug which is supposed to eliminate the need for self pricking to check blood sugar I decided it was time. I am beginning to feel better. I think I under estimate the importance of nutrition and exercise. I just hope I can continue this path. Soda was my first challenge and it seems like I am on that way. Saturday I had the worst migraine to date where I just about lost my cookies. My natural thirst is returning so I am steadily drinking more water.

My sister’s birthday was the same day as was a Halloween party. I had felt so terrible I opted out of the party. We all had our costumes ready. I was going to dress up as a Team Fortress 2 spy, Crystal as a Guitar Hero, and Henry as Super Man. Anyway, I went to my mom’s while I tried to rehydrate and feel better. Crystal came over and we hung out not doing too much. Sunday I was feeling really tired. My eyes still hurt to looks sideways so I decided to stay home from church. My mid day I was feeling well enough to start roofing the second half of my garage. The wind storm from a couple weeks ago tore off the blue tarp so I took the sunny weather to throw up some shingles. I only got half way through the second half but at least I am 75% of the way through! This Wednesday I will be putting up the rest; weather permitting.

We got a call this morning that Crystal’s car is ready. I don’t think these folks take payments on the deductibles. :(

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