Man, I am so tired today. I had a tall glass of lemonade and a bit of soda yesterday and I think that the resulting heartburn made sleep difficult. Henry went to bed really early and decided to wake up really early and so to get us a few extra hours of sleep he joined us in bed. After some flopping around the whole family was asleep again. Still, I think I only managed three hours.

Crystal has been working a lot and it has been difficult on the both of us. I cannot find someone to watch Henry tomorrow so I might have to work from home.

I was looking at the Mustang GT recently. I like the idea of some more power but in the end I think I will not be buying one for now. The payments and general long term commitment of such a loan is too much right now. I definitely like the car and I think the leather and other modern things in the latest models would make driving so far a little easier.

Let’s see, I have been playing a bunch of Victoria on my ferry crossings. I am playing as the Austro-Hungarian Empire. I have successfully waged a campaign to integrate most of the northern parts of the Ottoman Empire into my state as well as the western most points of Russia. Now I turn my attention to Prussia. Since, according to Jerry, it is too late for the Germany event to occur (it’s 1894 in the game) I might as well unify the German speaking peoples of the world!

At home I have been playing a lot of Team Fortress 2. It is in beta but the game is fantastic as far as fast paced first person shooters go. I love the Acme themed, cheesy, cartoon look to it. I have a lot on my plate at work so it is nice to take a break from the constant barrage of tasks once in a while. I have been building blue, blue/red, and a red deck for my Magic Online adventure. So far my blue deck is strongest with lots of counter spells but it is weak in the longer game since I don’t do a lot of damage.

In the news the U.S. flew some nukes over our states and then 6 of the crew involved are dead by “accidents“. That is pretty interesting. Also, Iran’s president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad was having some debate in New York. I do not feel he or his country is a threat to anyone but I am amazed how many people, according to what I have seen in the news, protest and rally against this guy. Maybe there will be war with Iran. It just seems silly that our country has dicked around with Middle East politics for so long that anyone is surprised people over there are tired of dealing with the US of A. Let’s not discuss the hypocrisies either. Every country needs to follow its own course and that may not always be democracy. It might not always be as socially progressive as some countries but that is no reason to be completely dismissive about that country. And with the Iranians dismissing the Holocaust, it is an extreme to take but I can understand the purpose. That ordeal seems to be the biggest crutch/excuse/reason for so much since then that we may all want to step back and reexamine what all that really meant. Subsequent Holocausts haven’t been prevented, diminished, and their perpetrators have gone mostly unpunished and yet the region has been in turmoil ever since.

Meh, I have been fairly tired of being a news junkie. I have been listening to more music lately. Let’s see, I have gotten my iPod out and filled it with some more music. I have been into hard dance. Not any particular flavor per sae. Techno, trance, house; if it has the word hard in front of it: yes please. My most recent listening pleasures derived from Anne Savage and Lisa Lashes mixing some UK hard house and Pulsedriver sharing some wicked hardstyle stuff.

Henry now says “daddy” or “ducky”. We’re not sure he knows what they mean but it is adorable. The best thing is now he will cry and walk over to you and grab your finger. Knowing this as a plea for something, I get up and follow him to wherever he needs something like the fridge or the bedroom. It is quite adorable.

I feel like I am standing in between two places right now. One foot is in that strange but familiar place where months go by without a word or exchange. It feels exhausted almost like everyone is itching to run in separate directions; as if staying close prevents it. The other foot is in a place that newer, faster, yet a bit more shallow. Constant e-mail invitations, phone calls, text messages and conversations. I am not picking one or the other but it is an interesting contrast.

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