Impatience & Lightning

Last night it rained. Nothing rara avis but what was unusual was that there was thunder and lightning. I got boyish, opened the front door and lowered the screen. Every time the sky lit up I tensed in anticipation for the next rumble. Definitely not the usual ear splitting claps and heavenly tears we saw living in the Midwest but a nice experience.

This morning I was waiting to drive off the ferry. There was a car a few ahead of me that apparently had died and wouldn’t start. The lines around us had off loaded. The folks behind me started honking their horns. The fella trying to help the poor lady motioned us to wait a minute. To top it off, the lady in front of me got out of her car and looked at my car to see if she could back up to drive around. My are people impatient. The ferry hadn’t even finished unloading and people were becoming amazing rude and impatient over a couple minutes. The fella finally helped the stalled lady figure out how to put her car in neutral and pushed her car out of the car so we could drive around her.

Henry has had four days with his mommy and daddy. He has been in a great mood. I made some bar-b-que chicken Sunday. It turned out great. It is amazing what some non-stick cooking spray will do. Crystal wanted grilled corn which was weird for me but it tasted great. It was on the sweet side and much more flavorful than boiling it. If I had a choice of the two methods, I would almost always pick boiled but the grilled corn was good.

I was on a Last.FM kick for a while but I hate the fact that there is no easy way to disable it from running automatically when Windows starts so I have removed it from all my computers.

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