Expansion Launches

The launch party for Guild Wars: Eye of the North was a blast. There were twice as many people this year over last year’s party. I didn’t get schnockered enough to apologize to a doorstop… but fun nonetheless. Thanks to those of you who showed up. I know it was worthwhile. :)

This is an unexpected three day weekend for me. I love those. I don’t really need it but I will find some things to do with Henry for sure. I recently started playing Magic Online. I didn’t realize the thought that goes into building a deck of cards and further, I don’t understand why there was such a hubbub about the game a few years back.

It’s Saturday and I am not certain what I will be doing. I will probably go to the store and pick up things to grill. Not sure. I just got off the phone… life changing events for a young couple. I hope they make the righteous choice and don’t take the easy, homicidal way out.

Maybe Crystal and I will move to Irvine, California. There is a chance however small.

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