Books, books, books!

With lucky chance I happened to get a call from Dane on what was his last day here before flying out to California to visit family and then fly to his post. It also happened to be the day I had to stay home with Henry because no one would watch him. Henry and I drove down and hung out with Dane and Hava before we heading to the used book store. Henry was having somewhat of a good time exploring the new people and locations.

I love books! Especially affordable ones! I found a whole boat load of reasonably priced used books. The place also carries other media forms like movies, games, and music. It seems most of the merchandise is overstock so it is not even used.

  • A book called ‘Fortress Third Reich: German Fortifications and Defense Systems in World War II’
  • A book containing a complete catalog of tanks and armored vehicles
  • A book like An idiot’s guide to buying and selling homes
  • A book called ‘Cryptonomicon’
  • A book about the life of Albert Speer
  • A book that has ideas on improving one’s lyric writing abilities
  • A book called ‘C# 2.0: The Complete Reference’
  • A book about pointers using the Cubase SX software
  • A book on modern recording techniques
  • A game ‘Tomb Raider: Legends’

These are new books or books that are a year or two out of the new stores. The game is overstock and wasn’t even opened. It was an awesome experience. I felt like a kid in a candy store running around finding all these treasures. Anyway, I can’t wait to go back and see what else I can find. There is an excellent store in Auburn that is owned by an older man which seems to have a library/cave feel to it that I have to visit soon. I think it houses many older books.

I have been reading the Cubase and Fortifications books on my ferry rides. I am excited about understanding the music software I am using more. Much like video editing, recording music works the same way. I didn’t know that and my previous experience in high school really illuminated the power that this software contains along with the tips this book points out.

After the book store, we came back to Josh’s and had some take and bake pizza while the bunch of us watched Henry to great amusement as he beat up on a squeaky toy monkey. It was awesome to see everyone again.

Crystal got me a copy of Company of Heroes: Opposing Fronts and Eternal Sonata. I am extremely happy with both titles. ES takes more time to get in to so we’ll see how it fares in the long run. The other game is a WW2 RTS which is fine by me.

Finally, Henry’s daycare situation is changing yet again starting Monday. Our current provider has been forced to back out to take care of other issues so he will have to be sent to regular daycare. I guess the shorter travel times will be welcome. It is still our family’s goal to have Henry stay home with his mommy. Hopefully it’ll happen soon!

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