Crystal and I have had to make some changes to adjust to our son’s new daycare arrangements. It has been hard to say the least. With already a 3 hour commute everyday (90 minutes each direction), we have basically added an hour to that because our babysitter lives quite a ways from town. We both get about an hour everyday to relax/unwind/eat/chores after we come home for work. No complaining here at all because we are bearing that which we have chosen but it is still difficult at times.

I finally went to the Ford dealership and replaced the crappy trunk brake light which was very scratched up. The plastic looked like someone ran coarse sand paper over the top of the trunk light. I also bought a vial of black touch up paint to seal up some of the chips I have gotten on my hood from driving. I need to save up and do my 60,000 mile tune-up so that will be a bit of cash even if I do it myself. I am looking forward to it. Eventually, I am going to put a cold air intake with a K&M filter and strut brace to tighten up the handling a little. I might want to put a new exhaust on the car with some Dynamax mufflers. I am hesitant about doing anything to make my car cheesy or to dump money into a mode of transportation but things I have read indicate horsepower and fuel economy improvements are always a plus.

At work I just updated the card building tools for our card games we host at expos. They look really good and I wrote a way for us to generate decks by reading a XML file with card specifications. The art is impressive.

I have been trying to work on my music but like I mentioned earlier there is simply not enough time in a month.

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