Penny Arcade Expo 2007 Coming Soon

Next weekend I’m headed off to the Penny Arcade Expo and I am freaking stoked. ArenaNet is a major sponsor. We all got tickets to it and the after expo party Saturday night. So I might not be a Penny Arcade enthusiast… but I am getting sucked in since I started working here.

Oh, a few of us are signing up for the Counter-Strike: Source tournament there. That should be fun. I am personally looking forward to what Microsoft and Ubisoft have to show off in the convention center with upcoming games. We are going to have a booth featuring our upcoming expansion Eye of the North.

In other news, Josh and Jerry came by on Saturday. We finally got to try out the Belgian Fry place on the Bremerton waterfront which was pretty good. I enjoyed the beer. Then, after a quick visit to the comic book shop, we swung by Kitsap Music where I bought a cord to plug my guitar amp out into my mixer board. I finally can record myself playing my electric guitar. I came up with a couple power chord riffs and set them to a 4/4 rhythm. I need to tweak the sound a little but its lookin’ good.

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