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We just redesigned a substantial portion of our website. I set up the new development server, created back ups, did code verification, coded some fixes for pages, checked the server logs for things we were missing, and getting the top language bar together it was nice to push it out. We were here until 2100 last night fixing all the pages because there was no doctype defined in one of the main includes. Putting it in required us to update just about every page because of some invalid HTML comments. I also had to do some little fixes in some of the ladders to handle JS correctly. I needed the doctype to be valid for my CSS navigation to work. Oh, and I also put together an XML based redirection script that parses out URLs from parameters passed to it from the game. We got up around 0600 this morning to get here by 0700 so we could start uploading our work to the staging server. It went live a little before 0900.

I will be leaving early today. I am extremely tired and I feel sub-human. Henry is going through hand-foot-mouth right now. It’s a nasty week long bug. I can’t wait to start him in day care at our friend’s home. A couple more weeks and we’re set.

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