Doing the Work Thing

Henry had taken our digital camera and thrown it into the trash. Bummer. Too bad for $300 down to the land fill somewhere. We have since moved the trash can outside and replaced the camera. Digital cameras and memory sticks have come down in price.

Henry at a park in Port Orchard. He is so beautiful. Every time he smiles it wells up emotions all over me. He just started pointing at things. He will point and then look at me and babble, smiling all the while.

Believe it or not, this park has a miniature train club where people give free rides to the public on scale models. It was freaking cool. Henry doesn’t understand all that just yet but I’, sure we’ll be coming back often.

Here is a view of a Vietnam era warship USS Turner Joy from the ferry on my way to work one day. We’ve never been on it but the water front has been improving making the downtown area actually interesting to visit.

Home life has been stressful. In general, it is hard to juggle all the little things that life throws at me. Crystal works crazy hours, Henry consumes any free time leaving me to be free only late at night when I should be sleeping. I am in a perpetual state of tiredness.

Henry had a bunch to eat and fell asleep in his high chair. Often we will lay him down in his crib and he’ll turn over and go to sleep on his own. This particular night the whole family had dinner together. Steak and potatoes as I recall. He loves potatoes. My little spud.

I was able to successfully resist the urge of zoning in front of WoW or CS:S last night and instead I was able to come up with some killer cuts for a track I am working on. It is kind of like a track off the Downfall soundtrack with a dash of club anthem and ambient strolling. Word.

Oh the new Tacoma narrows Bridge opened. The reduction in traffic seems obvious which is wonderful for all commuters. I think the narrow lanes made having two lanes each direction on the old bridge a guaranteed bottle neck. We’ll see how it shores up once the huge I-5/SR-16 interchange work is done.

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