Warm Reception, Cold Weather

Today was my first day as an ArenaNet employee. Nothing changed but I did sense a firmer stride as I walked the halls of our offices. As I explained to my co-workers, I am now a “A real, live boy.” When I got in I got to have the HR guy introduce me to gobs of paperwork. What’s new for a new position? In celebration, I decided to tackle a legacy class which builds the breadcrumbs on our site. Pretty neat stuff as I got to engage with some object oriented (OO) stuff. Nothing mind blowing as the class’s implementation was pre PHP 5 and so the OO’ness was sort of “arrayish”. Now I need to go through that stack of papers. I am most excited about the health coverage. Time to get Crystal and me to see the dentist and see some doctors for check-ups.

The weather today was stormy and cold with moderate rain. I stopped by the grocery store and picked some things up for the week. I think Crystal and I should move the family to this side to save us the commuting and put Henry into a better school district. We have not made up our minds about public schools. I would rather have the pleasure of indoctrinating my children with my beliefs rather than that of the State or some typically leftist (not that I care much for the right either), matriarchal instructor. Of course, this is a gross generalization but fortunately I have to admit this has been generally what I have encountered over the years of public schooling especially grades K-12.

On the other hand, having encountered years of that I was able to withstand most of those mindsets especially when my family made sure to take the time to explain things to me. Anyway, the Kitsap school districts are not all that good. In Bremerton, some thugs decided to shoot the windows out of some of the classrooms. No thanks.

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