See Sharp Madness? C#!

In my opinion, the hardest part of learning something in programming is finding something fun and interesting to peak your interesting and having that thing be worthwhile your effort to put in the time to get it to work. Our web site has been through some haphazard localization to keep folks around the globe tuned to what is going on in the game. Different regions have different web teams and languages. It ends up that the various web presences, although having a mandate to convey unity, end up feeling separate.

We are currently working on making some big changes to the web site and part of these changes involve localizing one site to the various languages. I have already written the basic architecture for the website using object oriented design.

Our game has a well established system of Excel spreadsheets and game engine handling of said files to render the various localized texts through out the game. I took the initiative to incorporate our website into this as well. However, converting Excel files into an open source web environment can be tricky. So instead, I wrote a program to convert CSV files to XML and it’s done. EZ PZ. :p

And that is exactly how I got to get some experience working in C# Visual Studio Express. I needed something and I created a tool to do it using the language. I suppose I could have done it in PHP, but making tools in that is getting old especially with the memory limits, server limits, and general clumsiness of running something through the browser. Never mind that!

So here I am, entering into the world of command prompt goodness. I have a lot to learn but it is wonderful to get a chance to mess with something new and useful. I have the VS C# Express loaded on my laptop so I can now work on my way to and from work. I have started working on a RSSWriter in C#. I know there are a handful of various free and paid softwares that do the same thing already but here I am with a purpose and a new language.

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