Father’s Day

This weekend was full of fun, getting stuff done things. It started with a visit to the doctor to have Henry’s ear infection checked on. Then a meal at Popeye’s where the family had lunch. After that, Crystal went to work and Henry and I went to get the car washed. Then we jetted over to the car parts store where I picked up some brake pads for my car. Then we drove to pick up a prescription we had filled. We picked up a splitter for the TV set (the old switch box is not grounded so it messes channel 13 up). I also picked up a new dimmer switch and plate for our bedroom light. The old one stopped working. Then we went home and while Henry took a nap I installed the switch, fixed the bathroom switch, installed the switch box, and did some yard work. We finally received our ninety-six gallon yard waste can. It was good to break some of the foliage I had pruned into the waste can but I have a long ways to go to get it all cleared away.

After Henry woke up and things settled down I decided I needed to get my brakes done now or put it off for who knows how long. I hated to bother him but I asked a good friend of ours and his wife to help me out. It was a much more difficult process than I had done in the past. We did a full system flush and bleed so it was definitely nice to do it right.

My very first Father’s Day came and went. I would like to thank my wife for making it a happy experience. I have given it much more value than I had thought I would. It actually meant something to me which, I guess, means that it probably does the same for my father who is in Turkey at the moment.

We bought some steaks and I grilled them for a late dinner last night. I tried a rub I bought at the store. I think I am making my way back to salt and pepper for seasoning. I really enjoy all these various flavors but I really want to draw out the flavor of the meat, not the additional stuff people put on steaks. My personal tastes vary, though. A while ago I was in a wet marinade mode. It really drew out the flavor of the meat. It is very easy to ruin meat with over marinading so I have gotten lazy and decided to try dry marinades and rubs. I may try making my own after I get some garlic and onion in powder form.

I have been playing World of Warcraft off and on and I have managed to have a bit of fun. Of course, this didn’t stop me from trying out Lord of the Rings online. It is a slight variation of WoW in terms of game play. In both cases, however, the story is already written. We all know the end game for WoW and the end game for LotRO. I guess the fun part is living through the story lines on an individual basis. This was the topic Crystal and I discussed as we drove home from the game store. Why play games if you know how they end? I guess what makes these newer games so fascinating is the development teams to continually add content and widen and deepen the path through which we explore the world.

As far as programming goes, I am trying to figure out how to send data to a server in binary form in the correct byte order and padding. It has been frustrating because I have no way to see if what I am sending is correct and I have to depend on others to get some help on figuring out whether or not I am doing this correctly.

Oh, we signed up for the Blockbuster program. Very convenient. I haven’t listened to much music lately because I am either playing Company of Heroes, programming, or reading on my ferry rides.

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