Wolfowitz and Media Redirection

The recent scandal at the World Bank regarding Paul Wolfowitz has been interesting. After all, he has been credited with the architecture of the Iraq war and he is an upper echelon figure in the Bush regime. I wonder, how can a man with such a position make a mistake so silly as to give a raise and promotion to someone he is close to? It is definitely improper and should have resulted in his immediate dismissal but never mind the media frenzy surrounding the general details of the situation. My wonder is about the reasoning for such an action of such a important contemporary political figure. The conflict of interest was obvious. The explanation was easy. The result was careful.

The bigger question is whether or not this is part of a larger redirection of media. Right now our government is passing a spending bill to help Israel with a 504 billion dollar missile defense shield. Perhaps as Tony Blair resigns he will be installed as the next World Bank president given the convenient timing of events. Perhaps the sweeping immigration reforms are being convoluted in the news.

The end result is that this architect of preemptive aggression leaves his current post virtually unharmed. Sure, his reputation may be affected, but his job is done.

UPDATE: Although Tony Blair was not chosen for the new post at the world bank, President Bush is recommending Robert Zoellick. I remain suspicious and we will have to watch closely what will transpire in the coming months. He is currently an executive at Goldman Sachs and has history at Fanny Mae and other institutions which will definitely help in securing him a position at the world bank. He is, however, very high up in the Bush regime’s hierarchy having been second to Ms. Rice. I guess I will have to do some digging around and see what this means for the World Bank.

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