Weekend Sortie

Jerry came over for an awesome few hours spent driving to Popeye’s and getting some chicken, drinking beer, and reminiscing and sharing various things from computer games to politics. One of the premier finds he came across was Open Transport Tycoon. Of course, you still need the original game but I am sure you can find it on some abandon ware site. It’s cool to see people out there felt as passionately about TT as we did!

Man, I love Popeye’s chicken. I admit, my home recipe needs work to compete with their version of the southern style delicacy. I think they use a type of batter and the oil tastes like peanut oil but I could be wrong. Man, my mouth is watering just thinking about it. They just opened a location in Port Orchard and one will be opening within a mile of my house.

I found this site to have many desktop friendly, simple backgrounds without the usual clutter and what is best, they are all high resolution and are formatted for wide screens.

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