Time To Start Working

Today Crystal started her new job. I mean, she has technically been an employee of the company doing training and all that jazz since the fifteenth of March but today she actually starts doing what she is being paid to do. I had a good weekend all together excluding missing a DJ performance. We watched a movie called Eragon. I remember Nate telling me it was terrible. I went in expecting a bad experience and although it was not the worst movie I had ever seen it was definitely down there on the list.

Henry woke up this morning at 6:30 and decided he was not going back to sleep. I was nervous for Crystal getting to her first day on the job so I did not sleep from about 4:30. Getting the car seat into the back seat of the Mustang was difficult. I enjoyed a good nap on the ferry ride over here.

Through my work I was able to acquire a Dell XPS M1710 notebook computer. 2.33 Ghz of Core 2 Duo goodness. Two gigabytes of RAM, 160 gigabytes of hard disk space at 7,200 SATA interface, and a seventeen inch screen powered by a nVidia Go 7950 GTX. It is nice to be able to work on the ferry, play a game, or write.

Anyway, I have tons to do this week as I wrap up some projects and start some new ones.

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