Status Report #6451

Let me gross you out. After 15 years, I have finally tossed my pillow and bought a new one. I have been holding off to save up the sixty dollars for a feather stuffed pillow but I finally gave in for a synthetically stuffed firm pillow. My, why the heck have I waited so long? Good bye dust mites and welcome a good, un-lumpy night’s sleep.

Henry has started walking! It was wonderful to see him take his first few steps and now he is comfortably walking around the room. We caught these moments on video. Its pretty cool to see him grow so fast.

I finally got my sound board attached to my sound card. Ted Brown wanted me to buy a Monster cable for over seventy dollars but I opted for the cheaper alternative. For the first time I think I am recording at my setup’s potential regardless of the patch cable quality. This new computer system rocks and I can pretty much add as many plug ins as I want.

I started playing Vanguard: Saga of Heroes. It’s much more complex and satisfying to play than World of Warcraft. It’s also possible that I just like the break from PvP play. This new game pushes my system to its limits but luckily Sigil, the developer, made better adaptation of the graphics engine so its playable at fairly high settings.

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