Music Production

You know, I don’t always see eye to eye with my brother-in-law Andy. Putting all that aside, I think he is a remarkably talented person. I am not a rap fan (well, I like the more dancey and fun stuff) but I think he can really make something of himself if he just tries. The stuff he’s made so far sounds rough and unpolished but with the right amount of drive something might become of this. You can check it out here.

Lil' Kim Wallpaper

I like some of Lil’ Kim’s stuff especially when she groups up with a producer that really makes something good of the sometimes monotonous rap like Sisqo and “How Many Licks”. I think Ludacris and Busta Rhymes have some decent sounding stuff too.

As far as I go, I am trying to define my music project. The name Otacon is dead for me. Sure I liked Metal Gear Solid but not enough to keep working with that name. I will definitely keep the dogma of “hard techno, hard house, hard trance, industrial, and other electronic sounds fused with fetishtic and fututist, cyberpunk man-machine ideas” but I am going to try and work out things much more thoroughly before trumpeting them. I am very motivated this time around. I have my microphone and some software. I think all I need now is a keyboard/midi controller and things should get rolling.

Bjork Screenshot

I am not a huge Björk fan but some of her work has been interesting especially stuff from here album titled Homogenic. Its a little slow for my tastes. The hardest time I have right now is transfering my ideas to the computer. I think its a matter of having the right tools though. Writing out melodies and producing rhythms using a mouse is rediculous. I spend most of my time experiementing sounds. Speaking of rediculous, the costs involved with this equipment and software are insane. I suppose I just need to talk to someone who is in the game and see what they have to suggest. I really need some artistic outlet and this seems like the way to go outside the initial set up cost. Really, a firewire keyboard like the one pictured would suite me best. But would it? Is that all I need? What else is there? I have spent so much time reading and researching but I still have trouble understanding the entire process.

Axiom 61 MIDI Controller

As far as techno goes its so easy to follow the cliché snare windups and sci-fi movie clips. Good techno is actually really difficult to make. I like so much different stuff that its hard to put my finger on what to create. At this point emulation seems to be the path to creation. I hate emulating but if I am to learn anything I had better start by attempting to simply sound like someone I like and once I know how to do those things I can start drifing out on my own. I need to find my Lords of Acid and Benassi Brothers CDs and get crackin’.

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