The Ride Begins

Let’s see here, it has been a busy week. I have a lot of deadlines coming up at work along with things like Crystal getting a job. I have a cold which makes me so miserable. Who like being sick, I suppose. The company bought everyone tickets to see the movie “300″ last Friday. That was pretty cool. I think it may have been a movie I would see eventually but nothing I was terribly excited about. The trailers were nice and I enjoyed Frank Miller’s work in the past so it would probably be a good show. I enjoyed the movie more than I expected but I do not think it will be a movie I will ponder ever again, if that makes sense. Some of the visuals, effects, and exaggerations were really interesting and made for some great story telling.

The whirlwind of life picks up as Crystal will be beginning work this Sunday. Her interview in Los Angeles went well and she took the position. Again, putting Henry into daycare is a gut wrenching position into which we are put. Thankfully, the position will make things above and beyond easier on us. Crystal will be flying to LA this Sunday and then she will be flying to Salt Lake for some district meetings. I am excited for her.

I plan on continuing some school this year. I am not sure when or how but it is definitely on the range. I want to keep working on things other than my career like making music, hanging out with people, and seeing things. In essence enjoying life. There have been a few personal issues I have been working through. My frustrations with some things are high and thus they consume me. I continue to battle with my physical wellness. I try to nourish myself better but it is often times hard working so far from home. I need to get some movement and flex some of my bio-machine. Letting go of biases and things in the past.

Some things come and go; good or bad. I not only need to stop watering dead plants, I need to throw them away and get some new ones; meanwhile watering those still alive (or grasping for life). I hang on to those dead plants because they brought me an insurmountable amount of joy during the seasons they were thriving or perhaps there is still life in them which I cannot see with my eye. I am not sure what I did wrong or if it was simply the natural progression of things.

A friend at work was selling their lap top so I got it for Crystal. It is a decent machine that is about a year old. It retailed for about thirty-five hundred dollars but she sold it for a thousand. It has a 7800GTX graphics card with a seventeen inch screen. Intel, etc. I am eying a laptop as well. It would be nice to have on the commute. All in good time.

Someone at work was giving away games. I scored a copy of Imperialis II. I also found a copy of Star General and Master of Orion. Wow.

I have actually been pondering revamping this entire site. A step further would be to delete all of it, give up the domain, and start over completely; anonymously. Not sure, just thinking through my fingers.

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