The HMP: Starting Daycare

After Crystal left for Pasadena yesterday I drove to my folks’ home. Once there my sister and I went for a quick walk discussing various happenings in our lives. She graduates from nursing school this week. She is doing really well and I am excited for her. She plans on continuing school and getting her RN and further.

Henry has been a challenge to watch but we have been making the best of it. I appreciate Crystal staying home with him even more than I did before. He needs constant watching especially when he is tired and grumpy at night. It has been interesting and quite rewarding, actually. He has been in a daddy mode in the last week or so. The smiles he gives when I talk to him melt my heart.

I put him to bed around 10 last night. He wriggled around a lot and I actually gave up my first try half an hour earlier. Once he fell asleep, I went to bed too but I could not sleep. I got up and tried playing some games. I went to bed finally. Henry woke up around 4, I think, and I went in and gave him some milk. He went back to sleep fairly quick. The second time he woke up was 6:30. He may have woken up before that but I think he fell back asleep. At 6:30, though, he started wriggling around and did not want to be set back down so I took him to bed and we fell asleep together. We finally woke up together around 9:30 and while he played I took a shower and boiled the new nipples I had bought him. After a shower I changed him and ate a fast snack. I forgot the baby formula at home so I stopped by Fred Meyer’s and picked up a box of the stuff. I took him into the daycare and signed in. The staff helped settle him and assured me as tears welled up.

Anyway, I will be picking him up soon. My little guy. My trooper. Being a stay at home parent is a tough job and I applaud Crystal for doing it as long as she did. I am glad, however, that he is going out and getting socialized in a safe environment. We are not around him for a small part of the day but we are doing all that we can. I think we all do what we can.

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