Sometimes I Hate Everything

/start rant

I have wanted to go out and see shows now for ages. When I found out that Benny Benassi was playing in Seattle I immediately sprang into action buying the tickets beforehand and arranging a way to go see him. It’s not like we ever go out. It’s not like I am a club hopper or a dead head that sees every show that comes around town. For once, I want to be able to enjoy my weeks of toil by doing something like this. No, leaving an hour and a half before the ferry was not enough. Sitting and waiting only to miss the ferry by a handful of cars is infuriating. These assholes running the ferry system are raising the rates in May and yet we are sailing on ghetto boats filled to the brim. Commutes are twice, three, or four times as long because of the volatility of the system.

To add insult to injury, our baby sitter was hesitating. Sure, we could have figured something out or drove around the sound to have someone watch him but that’s just it. Everything is an insane rush of timetables and inconveniencing someone. Having a family makes me feel even more alone than before. It is such a monumental chore to go and do anything that it seems to make it pointless to pursue anything.

I hate never going out. I hate never having a couple beers at a pub. I hate never seeing shows. I hate feeling like I am some 50 year old hermit. It’s what I get for living on this side of the water.

/end rant

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