Sir Henry!

Raising a child is difficult work; there is no denying that. My wife and I have decided to pony up to the challenge and I am so happy with my little family. Sometimes it can be a struggle juggling him, the responsibilities of life, and personal time to relax. Last night while Crystal was preparing for interviews regarding positions in Bellevue and Seattle I took care of our son. I admit that Crystal does, at this time, most of the rearing since I am working but that will soon change. When Henry was first born and was able, we took Henry to day care for about three months. It was a very difficult decision to put one’s child into the care of others. We were able to withdraw Henry out of daycare and back into the home while Crystal was in between jobs. We are, however, at the crossroads again where we must pay to have someone watch our son and it is most difficult if not more this time around.

Let me not digress. We walk around the house together and into the kitchen where I make him a bottle. I turn off the lights and sit on the sofa. The lights in the next room illuminate us and I watch his eyes as I let him feed; cradling him in my arms. He is curious and various sounds will prompt him to sit up and examine the source of the mysterious sounds. Once satisfied of his curiosity he will lay back down and nibble his way through the bottled libation. As he begins to drift I sing a couple tunes I have managed to create for him in these moments.

In Czech: I love you, I love you, I love you; that is all that matters.

After a couple versus, I let my voice soften in volume until I am quiet. To surprise, Henry moves and starts a little babble. Da-da, mum, gha, da. He repeats these sounds or similar. Then he looks at me and puts his tiny fingers in his mouth and repeats his request again.

As tears flood my eyes, I start to sing to him and he settles down and goes to sleep.

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