Rough Going, Little Sleep

Henry was really sick this weekend. On Friday I received a phone call from Crystal. The daycare had called her indicating that Henry had a high fever. It was about 103.8° F at this time. I called frantically to see if anyone could pick him up for us because it would take me about 2 hours to get home anyway. No one was available. I set out for home around 5:30. I am glad I left as early as I did. Traffic was nightmarish. I-90 was packed and it took me an hour to get to the ferry terminal. It usually takes me fifteen minutes.

Anyway, I picked up the little guy and he was burning up. He felt really hot to touch. I took him home and gave him some Tylenol to help with the fever. Young kids get fevers like this at times so this was nothing completely freakish. That night he awoke almost every two hours through the night. When we finally did get up the next morning, his left eye was filled with a yellowish discharge. After my in-laws came over and displayed concern and agreed that I should take him in, I did. The emergency room visit did not take the cursory ten hours it usually does on weekend; probably because of Henry’s high temperature. A nurse came out to check on him: 104.1° F. I was starting to get frantic.

Eventually, the doctor saw him and he diagnosed it as a minor ear infection. Amazing, the first week Crystal went out of town and Henry is being weened, his first week in day care, and he gets ill. Thank God for the insurance I have on the whole family. I just wish I did not feel so alone in dealing with all this.

Anyway, his temperature came down into the 100 and 101 region so we went home and woke the next day. He seemed to be doing better all around. He was more active and playful. However, I did not fill the antibiotic prescription as fast as I should have (every freaking pharmacy except the Walgreen’s in Silverdale is closed on Sundays) but his temperature was not raging or anything. I tried giving him some eye cream to combat the eye gook but I was doing a miserable job staying on top of these medications.

I picked Crystal up from Sea-Tac Airport after 10 pm. He was miserable again and by now the eye gook was in both eyes heavy. He was burning up and very irritated. We got home, cleaned him up and gave him his medications. By the next morning he was feeling better. We continued to spend Monday nursing him to health. I got a chance to relax from the week of stress a little bit but I did not get a chance to spend a lot of it with Crystal; something I regret. Anyway, his fever finally broke this morning. I have continued his medications and I will do so tomorrow through the end of the week.

Fortunately my work enables me to work form home. I got some stuff done today during his play and nap times. If it were not for the flexibility, I am not sure how the heck Crystal and I would take care of a sick baby. Anyway, he is asleep now and feeling much better. Tomorrow I should be able to journey to work.

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