More Power Captain

This will sound completely silly but wait a second. After watching a special on Ford’s newest GT 500 Mustang and playing countless hours of Project Gothem Racing 3 on the Xbox 360 I came to a strange realization that my car has much more power than I thought and this has awakened in me a thirst for more power.

Of course, I am not in any way suggesting that I drive my car full throttle like a race car. It is pleasant to know, however, that when I need to extra power it is there.

Before I would always shift between 2,000 and 2,900 RPM. There would be this strange noise that would announce itself from in front of the fire wall when I exceeded that range; almost as if to remind me of my place. After watching this special, though, and playing PGR 3 and using the clutch (I love racing games where they let you shift) I tried pushing my car a little harder.

Wow. By no means do I have some sort of racing machine but I admit that at times I will accelerate and shift between 4,000 and 5,000 RPM (6,000 being the red line) and the power ranges have made themselves much more apparent. The car lunges forward in the upper ranges of second and third gear.

My favorite realization is downshifting especially on the free way when I am cruising in sixth gear. Of course, none of this means I am going to race on the roads or drive agessively while commuting to work. It’s just nice to know your car better and understand its limitations. When I purchased my new wheels I took a half hour detour in Tacoma and tried to spin out and skid in the rain on some deserted parking lot.

I love American iron for cars. I just hope the Mustang GT 500 comes in hydrogen power when it comes time to upgrade my car.

So now I need to get some strut bars to sturdy up the steering and upgrade the intake and exhaust. B)

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