Say No To Vista: Part 2

There should not be a part two. With the virtually free copy of Vista and a completely new machine, how could I resist the temptation to flirt with the hot, new thing to move in on the block? So installed Vista Ultimate only to revert back to XP Pro a few days later.

First off, the installation was very easy. It was fast and the GUI was intuitive. I think it took fifteen minutes altogether. After installation I logged into Vista and took the time to install the various drivers. Microsoft was serious when it recommends Vista compatible hardware. My motherboard, for example, has Vista drivers available for it yet for some reason I had to jerry rig some XP drivers for the joystick/MIDI port. Anyway, after fighting with Vista and getting the drivers straightened I had fun exploring the various changes. The application specific volume controls were nice. Aero is definitely fun to have. The little bells and whistles everywhere were nice but they did not really make my OS experience any better. I installed World of Warcraft which would barrage me with a series of Cancel or Allow messages. One to execute the updater, one to allow it to connect to the Internet, and one to start the updater again (since it failed the first time because it lacked an Internet connection). Silly in my opinion. Instead of having the firewall and permissions act independently I think one should occur first and check if it is safe before attempting to initiate an Internet connection. Company of Heroes, the top RTS of 2006, did not even run in Vista. The support staff noted it and said they were working to address the issue. Oh, and I kept having random rundll32 error messages appear. My on board sound card drivers were not Vista certified. There are no drivers for Vista when it comes to my MIDI controller keyboard or my new recording card.

I got tired of dealing with all these little issues. I am glad I got a chance to see it but it will be about a year before I try and install Vista. Probably when it comes time for my yearly wipe. I thought to myself, as I inserted the XP Pro disc, if I want a fancy word processor with internet access Vista would be nice. Otherwise, I am back to XP Pro for now.

Otherwise, I am really happy with my new machine. It is very fast and there has yet to be a game I cannot run with the graphics settings maxed out. My favorite feature has got to be how quiet it is. I have barely dipped int my 500 GBs of space. Last night I put my old box onto the LAN with remote access. I need to go through and transfer all the important stuff over. I am really excited to get my music production stuff installed so I can start mixing some tracks again. I love the front panel with the USB and headphone jacks. It makes usability much easier. The new sound card is a studio card with let and right input and out put jacks. No more strange audio cord pig tails and channel munging.

Our son scratched mommy’s eye while flailing his little arms around. That was very painful for her. She is feeling better but I took a day yesterday to stay home and help her with him while she recovered. We did not get a chance to have our special date night, though, so we will try and do it next week. I went shopping at the Men’s Warehouse for some clothes. Not an affordable place to shop but they do have some nice clothes that fit me well. I can’t find our digital camera. I really need to see if I can find it.

Our cat, Miss Moneypenny, got outside and came back later with a huge gash on her left side. She must have gotten caught on something. We took her to the veterinarian. I like making sure the pets are okay but sometimes the costs involved with having an animal companion are ridiculous. Anyway, she is doing better and is no longer limping.

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