Say No To Hackers

Let’s see, this week I am working many hours and finally off my flu I had last week. I also was introduced to Last.FM via Josh where I decided to create a profile. Now I am usually skeptical signing up for yet another online observation software. MySpace, blogs, and now this? Well, if I were that paranoid I would not have any of that but it seems fairly harmless to catalog and share my listening habits. I find it fun and interesting although I realize a couple flaws. I do not get to upload my listening habits outside a computer terminal such as listening to my iPod or my car ‘s CD player. Next, I believe that the system is capable of manipulation by the user. I can listen to anything I want and then delete undesired tracks to sway my listening habits. Thirdly, there do not seem to be many users. What I do like is the wonderful displays featuring artist mug shots and tracking weekly, monthly and all time listening. Also, it forces it’s users to correct their libraries to use standard tags for the music they play if they want it to be processed by the service. It keeps the music data fairly clean.

I can not give the details but I can say that my code on the website for the company I work for stopped an SQL injection attack. Kudos to me! I did go through and polish up a couple things. I wish I could share! I love getting into the nitty gritty of code and figured out how it works. I am just glad that security was so high on my list while designing the darn thing.

Now I sit in a deserted office. It is getting late. I am listening to Hard Dance Mania Vol. 5 right now. I have a pretty big release on Tuesday so I need to finalize the code. My localization team (translators) still have to get me the translations for Korea and Europe which I told them tomorrow is the latest. They like to cut it close!

My headphones for my iPod crackle in the left ear. That really bums me out. I just got it a month ago and it has already broken. I want to replace them with similar headphones. I wonder if it is still covered under warranty. I never listen to music all that loud. Anyway, if I end up having to replace them myself, I wonder what I should get. I found a pair of ear buds on the Apple website that are getting amazing reviews for $100. Speaking of headphones, I need to replace my home pair too. I’ve mentioned this a bunch of times. It is time to do it!

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