Okay, So Who’s Buying?

I am always working on a number of projects at work. Some of them I can share with you while others I can not. Anyway, my most recent additions to the Guild Wars website are the Challenge Mission Ladder. Basically, when you play certain missions in the game your team earns points. To mirror a similar display I developed this ladder for the website. Oh, but I went much further. I added two pop-up displays. On the left are the members of the team and on the right is the aggregate score. Pretty slick stuff. Using AJAX I can update the display using one of the three tabs and the drop down display.

Also, I got to use some more Perl skills to develop this mini guild ladder for a sub page. To reduce hits to the DB I created a PHP file generated by a chroned Perl script. Up to date and low load. My goal is to do a similar treatment to all the ladders over time.

In other news… I was offered a permanent position with ArenaNet. As some of you may know, I have been contracting with them for almost eight months. ‘Twas completely unexpected. As you recall in my previous post, the right people noticed my code as “rock solid” and the decision was made. Phew! :)

Time to celebrate…

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