Worky Work

Gosh it is sure challenging to get back into the swing of work after the week long break we got. Unfortunately, as a contractor, I do not get paid to take the week off like my co-workers do. My Zune mishap earlier last week erased all my work VPN settings so I was not able to work from home and driving to an empty office seemed lame. I was able to get a hold of one of my co-workers on Sunday (New Year’s Eve) and put in a few hours from home. The rest of the week will be pretty busy. I need to work about 60 hours total this week to make up for missing last week. I think that math is correct. :)

Right now I am sitting in the basement of my parents’ home. They had just set up some cable Internet so I took the opportunity to run the Windows Update, remove pesky AOL and the likes, and install Steam so I can play some games when I visit here. I am fairly certain they will not miss the five or so gigabytes of space.

Oh yeah, so the point of all this is that because I am spending such long days here I decided to stay on this side of the water over the next week. Saving the couple hundred in ferry tickets is also nice.

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