The First Day of the Year

My parents once told me that the things I do on the first day of the year will reflect how most of the year will go. It is interesting to note all the different New Year traditions but amongst all of them the will to change and make things better is probably common. My goals are to lose a few inches from my waist line, finish college with a degree, do a bunch of work in C#, write more of my story, work on producing some more music, and play less games. Listing things has always seemed to help me.

I am taking most of this day to work. I did not work any hours last week so I have quite a few to make up. It’s kind of a bummer. I lost my VPN information when I was messing around with my Zune. Otherwise, I would have done a bit more work from home last week.

New Year’s Eve was a smashing event this year. Crystal and I sat and drank a few drinks while watching Superman Returns. We paused it momentarily around midnight to watch the festivities and then resumed our movie. A kiss, hug, and a couple sweet words in the comfort of my warm home whilst Henry slept. Perfect for this year. After such a crazy Christmas visiting several relatives it is just what we needed.

If you remember this post, I mentioned wanting to get a keyboard to work on my music. Thanks to my mom-in-law and a contribution myself, I now have a M-Audio Axiom 61 MIDI controller. It is quite fun to be able to play sounds, chords, and melodies within the sequencing software I use to produce tracks. Instead of blowing a few grand on an expensive Korg I have something much less expensive that does much more in my opinion. Sure, once I go out and buy all the various patches (VSTi) I want I might end up spending the same or more, but at least I get a choice. I learned quite a bit about using MIDI too. You can load multiple channels into each patch giving much more usage out of the sound banks. Also, latency was an initial issue which I resolved by adjusting some settings within my sequencing software. My next goal with this is to repair or replace my soundcard. The line-in plug is not working correctly. Of course, all my issues would be resolved with an entirely new machine. I have a lot of noise when I max out my CPU which happens more often the more stress this gargantuan software puts on my feeble little computer.

And having reinstalled my OS and all this week, I am enjoying having a clean start again. I have been making a point to only load stuff I need. I am currently playing HoI2: Doomsday. Fantastic game if you are willing to learn the details and be patient.

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