Slow Progress is Progress

It took us a while to have extra money after our son was born. Hence the delay in putting on a new roof onto the garage. The first couple stages went quickly thanks to my dad and Nate. Right after getting the felt paper onto the roof, though, the rain season began. I wondered how long the brand new roof would be able to handle constant rain before the felt paper stopped being a moisture barrier; about two months. This weekend I mustered to courage to climb up onto my garage and roof about a quarter of it before it became too dark to work. I then moved the tarp over the rest of the roof and secured it with nails. I suppose this is uninteresting. At least my garage will return to its dry state. I think I may need to run a heater inside to dry the plywood.

I am leaving early today to hopefully catch a movie with my sister. I would like to see Letter From Iwo Jima. The depressing perspective of Japanese men fighting to the bitter end, however, may be too much for me today. I was considering seeing Pan’s Labyrinth. I hadn’t even heard of it until Josh mentioned it. My sister-in-law and her friend saw it and he said it was a good. He said it was a good war movie with added bizarreness. Again, I think I want to laugh. Ah, the choices!

Oh, here is a good laugh. I’m pretty sure all of you have seen it but it still manages to make me laugh.

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