Rediscovering Music

I love music. Everyone that knows me knows that. With the recent addition of an iPod to my list of gadgetry that I own, I admit that I have had a fond time playing a lot of music about which I have virtually forgotten. iTunes and the Internet make this whole process fun again. I think I got tired of carrying around clunky CDs and making mixes to carry in a bulky portable disc player. Of course, I still have to have the CDs themselves. I love collecting the cover art, booklet and the rest of it. With several albums loaded onto my iPod, all I need now is a car kit. I love the fact that the Element has an auxiliary jack for iPods. I wish my Mustang had the same!

Recently I have had some fascinating work using AJAX, regular expressions, and MySQL queries. With AJAX, my previous project involved a fairly simple method to extract the PHP built pages and load them into a DOM. Playing with JavaScript, however, I am able to execute other AJAX methods and populate several DOMs simultaneously. I suppose this is nothing spectacular for those that familiar with AJAX but this stuff is very cool making pages much more interactive and user friendly at the same time.

Regular expressions, I believe, are a mystery to most people. I am most familiar with the Perl engine variant but by no means an expert. Recently Tim helped me wriggle a regular expression that would test for a string that resembled an e-mail address but with a couple modifications as required by our game log in. Quite fascinating stuff. I think the most difficult aspect is considering all the possibilities to test against.

Finally, I discovered DB level queries in MySQL. I know that it may be a no brainer but I did not know that you can include the DB in the query to create a join. For example, SELECT database_1.table_1.*, database_2.table_2.field_2a WHERE database_1.table_1.field_1a = database_2.table_2.field_2a which is great. I understand that this will require a higher level user with permission across databases which I am not sure is a problem. My second concern is performance.

This entire feat ladder project is coming along nicely. Design, implementation, localization, and input from requesters is happening quite nicely and since the rush is not too great I feel that there will be adequate testing. Now that the front and back side are fleshed out I need to go back and convert my queries to a stored procedure and so on.

I played a little bit of World of Warcraft this week since my account is not expired yet. Fun game. I like games of all kinds especially computer/console related. I am pretty sure that I am going to be working as a developer in the game industry for a long time. I have been messing with Microsoft’s XNA tool set and I am excited about getting my C# on. I have some ideas for a couple little games to throw together. Another love is making music. My keyboard has made some exciting music possibilities come true for me. A couple cool VSTi synths I have found have made excellent additions to my coloring box of sound. I have really enjoyed listening to Ayria lately and I can see myself cutting a few tracks with a grittier, industrial feel to them but techno is basically what I am looking at. I can not wait to share my creations here. Give me a few weeks.

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