Movie Night

I had a blast last night with my sister. I am really glad I took the time to hook up with her. It took me an hour to get to her place, though. I left early so we could catch a movie at a decent time. We went and saw “Children of Men”. It was a movie about a world where women became infertile and the humanity had about 50 years left before dieing off. Of course, it wasn’t the happy movie like I had wanted to see. It was a wonderful thriller pulling many horrors of human conflict and suffering from current and past events. Set in the future, the references to current events were hard to miss especially for someone who listens to NPR. It is easy, however, to take in such a plausible plot and apply it to our current world which can be, in my opinion, misleading. I enjoyed how the film brought into question the human character, fear, and desperation. Do we really learn from past mistakes? Are we better than the evil doers of the past? Are circumstances sufficient excuses? Thought provoking nonetheless.

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