Mac Music: Garageband

If you have a Mac with OSX on it you have a software called Garageband on it. I had an opportunity to finally play on this simple sequencer and I admit I had some fun. In a matter of minutes I had turned out a funky groove using the pre-installed loops. This software is a dumbed down version, in my opinion, of Sony’s Acid Pro. Meh, let’s say extremely dumbed down version. The interface is quick and clean, however. The loops are easy to access and modify. From the stuff I did I can see that many possibilities are available to modify loops that were generated by the software’s MIDI engine. I know that you can record audio with it too. I am not sure how it would handle recording multiple tracks or sequencing live tracks into a production.

Of course, this is no substitute for even an amateur recording artist like myself when you are using software like Pro Tools, Cubase, Reason, or even Fruity Loops. However, if you have a Mac it is a fast, easy and fun way to make some tracks. Some of the stuff I was coming up with was just plain silly! In the end I came up with a track using a mellow 70s piano riff on top of a deep house drum loop. The bass was funky and to make it completely shine Motown I added some R&B brass. Funky and I loved it.

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