Post Quarter Breather

It has been a couple weeks since my accident. My wrist is still fairly sore and there are moments of pain associated with the other areas that were injured. My middle back has been particularly sore today. I am surprised to say that I am really afraid to drive much. I nervously check my rear view mirror every time I come to a stop anticipating someone to rear end me. Suddenly driving seems like a crap shoot where you are playing a game of chance. The rental car I am driving is a Kia Spectra. My butt barely fits into the seat which makes me miss my car all the more. Driving that tin can has solidified any doubts about the Kia name but enough of that. I drove around today because I missed the ferry and the trip was miserable. At least traffic wasn’t all that bad.

We hung up Christmas lights Monday night so our home looks a bit more festive. Our street looks fairly mundane. Lights and decorations lift my spirits reminding me Our tree is small and fake but its convenient and perfect for our small home. Thanks to Crystal I have finished some shopping but not much. With the quarter over I am trying to de-stress and take on some more home responsibilities. It was much easier to get to work and go home yesterday not having to get up at six in the morning and then rush to get homework done on the rides to and from Seattle.

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