Casino Royale

The new Bond flick is awesome. It is much more believable and much less smutty that previous movies. I enjoyed the rawness of the actor Danial Craig. This Bond could kick all the other Bond’s ass. The movie was a bit longer than I expected but it never felt too long. The card game at the Casino is intense and it makes that plot very interesting. The one liners are tactful and not over used. That is my 10 second review. I could spend a couple pages analyzing the turn in the series and all that but I simply pleased. Making Bond into a little more than a robotic killing machine makes for a better story.

Christmas is approaching and as usual, the roads are insane and shoppers are cutting each others’ throats to get into parking spots or getting into line faster. I would rather not complain. These are strange habits our culture has created and I honestly do not go to the places affected by this insanity. I feel for the polite that travel amongst the rude.

Today is finals day. I had my Calculus final already. It went well but there were a couple problems that troubled me like solving differentiable equations. My last couple weeks of class were difficult because of the weather and my steady decline of enthusiasm for school work. The last thing I need to do is the Java Programming Final. It should not be too much of a challenge.

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