Pondering Versus Working

Who would win? Batman or Bond in a fight to the death; mono a mono? It is a tough question and what is especially wonderful about it is the closeness of the battle. It is not one of inequality like Spawn versus Spiderman.

This is one of those questions co-workers ask on Fridays that gets the entire office pitted against one another. We hear that Batman is stronger in hand to hand combat and he his magic suit. Bond shot the man with the golden gun so Bond could therefor shoot Batman in the face. Batman has a crazy car that would out do the Aston Martin in every respect. Bond is a limp wristed lush who is more interested in womanizing. Batman could never hope to get a woman with his psychological problems. If Bond captured Batman, Batman would be screwed but on the other hand a captured Bond would most assuredly escape. Bond has the might of the British government and could have the Bat Cave nuked or melted from space using a satellite laser. Batman is filthy wealthy as well.

But netiher one of them ever dies. They just get replaced with a different body every movie or two. So I guess they are both immortal.

Oh dear…

Oh, and just when I thought I had seen it all in the gaming world… I find this. Just watch one of the trailers. Viva OMG.

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