Middle of November

It is very nice to get a haircut. I got one this week and it feels nice to shed the “helmet”. I really need to start getting that done more often. I just keep putting it off until it gets annoying. We were going to visit friends in North Seattle but our earlier appointment to get pictures taken took a little longer than expected. We had pictures taken as a family and it was so cool. I felt very proud to be my Crystal’s husband and the father of Henry. Crystal was lookin’ foxy too. Good times.

The cold months have begun and I am seeing women in boots everywhere. I once heard that women will were boots more often in the winter. I guess it makes sense but with the cold you wouldn’t think they would wear them with skirts but rather pants. It would be one one thing if all these women were wearing patent leather platform boots with ridiculous heels, which I would definitely be okay with, but instead its a mixture of nice leather boots mixed in with boring fringe to the most ridiculous Eskimo looking ones. At the least those can be made to look cute with appropriate attire that is youthful but its the 80′s boots that make me turn away in sadness. Stylish? I think not! It is kind of funny to see the seasonal trends and how people may or may not go with them.

Recently I discovered shaving in the shower. My straight razor is dull so I have started using the disposable razors. It’s nice to be able to do this in the shower. The problem with the sink is that water got everywhere and everything got messy. The shower makes it so much easier. I bought a small 8 inch, fog-less mirror to help me out and stuck it to the wall.

We are gearing up for Thanksgiving and Christmas here. I have considered deep frying the turkey but I am not sure why roasting it in a well made, stainless steel pan wouldn’t do the same. I will have to do some research. I am also starting to dread Christmas. It seems that the season started earlier than previously. Crystal assures me its always started before Thanksgiving. Fine, I suppose. My least favorite aspect, interestingly, is actually my mother’s Polish Catholic of eating fish on Christmas Eve. I guess I respect her wishes but eating three courses of fish flavored foods get old. Herring and the likes as appetizers, shrimp soup or similar, and some sort of baked or fried fish for the main. I would really enjoy a solid roast of either a ham or beef. A goose or duck would be delicious and if none else I would even settle for that turkey. I accept it; I am a meat and potatoes kind of guy.

It has been raining for a couple weeks straight. Saturday was a break but we really needed to get our pictures done. The garage is sitting with just the tar paper and a tarp on half. Things are dry inside so that’s all good. I felt really manly going to the store and buying peg board pins and a piece of lumber the other day. I replaced the wires int he peg board with actual hooks and hung up some basic tools. Then I took measured my garage door and cut that lumber to height. Now that quarter inch gap between the two doors is gone. This way the view in from the alley is gone and less of a breeze now comes in. It makes the doors sturdier. Sure, there are windows but those are a few feet in my property. That gap was screaming “dilapidated garage being used for storage; try and pry me open”.

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