Ladders Galore

Well it looks like I definitely have stuff to do here. With the goal of making the website as interactive as possible, many in game statistics are slowly making their way out eventually into databases and web applications. It’s exciting news and my future looks a lot more solid than I thought before.

I recently rediscovered my X-Box 360. First, I was messing around one day thinking, “Hey, can’t I play music on my PC on my kick ass home stereo system?” I mean, that system beats any computer speakers by a long shot. So I installed the Zune software to accomplish this on my PC and then started listening to my music on my system. Wow, this is great. Then I noticed that Zune had a subscription service where you could download all the music you want. There are a couple exceptions regarding licensing and all… but this made me very excited. Crystal and I were pumped.

So yeah, I am giving the mega software corporation out of Redmond a few bucks every month and I am okay with it. Of course, as expected, their techno selection is so-so. I over look it though since most of that stuff I buy anyway from over seas.

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