Halloween 2006

I think Crystal and I left that place in the nick of time. They just laid off 50 more people. Cutting costs and the usual. I am not sure what the grand total is for lay offs. 100? How many people just left? My guess is not more than 50 people still there. I guess that’s about right for a small software company. It’s kind of sad to see after all the “to who” about them hiring all these people; working the local papers about being a top Kitsap employer and seeing the interviews in a couple articles about how new management has really turned things around, it was all short term. Reminiscent of the dot com stuff we saw a decade back. The rumors are pretty bad though. Things about litigation left and right. Stipends, strange webs of favoritism, and so on. I guess every place has its woes, huh? I miss working closer to home and for my friends who are still there I hope something good comes of all this. It was a great place to learn code and get into software. It seems like that company has survived a lot but I am not sure what to make of the upper management. I guess time will tell.

Anyway, I was rummaging through my garage and I realized we are missing our Rockhopper mountain bike. Yeah… perhaps a house warming gift from our neighborhood crackheads? I know Crystal and I are very careful about locking things. My guess it was sometime a few months ago when we left the door to the garage unlocked while doing something outside and such. Oh and someone stole one of our little pumpkins last night as well.

Last night traffic was insane. Crystal and I decided to take Henry to the mall in Bellevue in his new outfit. He was very cute. It was mad chaos as the hordes of Indian and Oriental children pushed their way around to the various vendors. It was a lot of fun. We had dinner at the Cheesecake factory. It was nice. I had the wild mushroom soup. Fairly tasty. I like Halloween. It’s a change to the monotony of life.

My only gripe about places like Bellevue is that it seems so disconnected from places like Bremerton. Bellevue is wealthy, clean, good looking, fashionable, snooty, and rude. Bremerton is poor, dirty, ugly, ghetto, crime ridden and rude. What culture or class does one fit in? Neither I think. Once we begin to let our surroundings dictate us we are no longer ourselves.

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