Virtualization: Finally!

Over are the silly days of dual boot for me. With VMWare and Virtual PC offering their basic and server software for free, I can now have a single virtual software running a couple different distributions of Linux. I think everyone out there will agree with me that VMWare is a much better choice. Anyway, after a quick registration I installed the VMWare Server and put in my free serial. I have downloaded the latest ISOs for Ubuntu and Fedora and off I go. Its nice to not have to reboot every time I want to do something in another OS. Now I can get rid of that useless Linux partition I rarely use because I mostly use Windows. It is nice to have all those resources available for the Linux partitions but I use them so rarely its not worth having a separate partition.

Today is a launch party where the company is inviting friends and family of all those who work here. I tried calling a couple people to come up and join me. Crystal and Henry are going to a football game and everyone else I called isn’t available. I must keep trying!

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