State of Life

Its been a tough couple weeks. Columbus Day was a beautiful rest from the weekly grind. I slept in a little and went in to work a little later. I have been working hard at work trying to stay focused. We moved offices to our team’s permanent location. My only regret is that my back is to the door and giant window. We call it the fish bowl.

I have been developing some cool new tools at work too. I developed a country to IP system that goes out and via cURL (that’s a Internet file managing protocol), downloads the latest IPs and country codes from the global registrars, and then writes the data to a file. After that I parse through that file and write the data to a database. Now when I have a list of IPs I can check and see what country they are from and the database is always current (well, if I had set it up on a chron but for now I run it manually). I also learned some stuff about XHTML which was cool.

School has been going good too. I have been doing well on my assignments. In my Calculus class I have been getting 98% or better on my exam, quiz and assignments. My Java class is doing well on the stuff I have turned in; 100%. I am a little behind though. I have to and will probably catch up to the class this weekend. My English class has been going phenomenally well too. After my rude awakening with my first paper I have since conformed to the requirements of the assignments and have been scoring As and A-s. The only thing I get marked down for now are forgetting to do an outline or some other formality.

I went shopping for some clothes this last weekend. It was odd because I rarely ever buy clothes. I bought a pair of pants, some shirts and a couple pairs of shoes. I am actually kind of happy about it. I was feeling a little too much like a slob so this help me feel better.

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