Suspending Habeas Corpus and More

When Oliver Stone spoke in Spain this week, I could not agree with him more. It is such a shame that our regime in Washington D.C. continues to use fear to pass the most terrible legislation. Now practically anyone in the U.S., legal or illegal, can be imprisoned for any reason, held indefinitely and not allowed to even know the charges. Suspending such fundamental legal principles such as habeas corpus in the name of fear is a sad day for us all. So much blood was spilt to ensure secret trials and arrests were outlawed. I wonder why those Senators caved in to the great satan’s wishes. Praise to Hugo Chavez and others who are willing to stand up to this government. People of the world, my government does not represent the will of the majority of Americans and most certainly not me.

What is even scarier than this is the way the situation was handled. The Supreme Court says no, your practices are illegal in terms of the Constitution and the Geneva Convention. Bush’s reply? Fine, I will just pass a law making it legal (Well, its still illegal but it is the fact that he is doing whatever he pleases). The whole affair is silly. This neo-conservative movement is just about dead. Their theories on conquering and forcing the world to submit to their versions of democracy are null. Iraq and Afghanistan have turned into quagmires. Every time in our nations history something happens like September 11th that scares people to legislate themselves out of freedom. Every time we regret it and prove that doing these things was not worth the false sense of security they granted.

Oh and the rhetoric has started up again. Democrats are soft on terrorists. They do not support their troops by bringing them home. Well this sort of one sided you-are-with-us-or-against-us super patriotism is our worst enemy. Let us stop our hypocritical ways. Let us stop abiding by a plutocratic system. Let us start behaving like Americans.

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