Sore Mus-kles

This weekend was extremely tiring. My father came out and helped me finish tearing down the old roof and replacing it with plywood, felt paper, and flashing. Of course, I can not forget to mention that Nate was integral to the entire process. Without his help we would have certainly not gotten so far. The physical work was time consuming and I had little time to do much else but in the end we have a roof that doesn’t leak and is much more solid than before.

My dad was hard to get along with at times. I was dismayed at a couple things he said. I know where he comes from and how he handles certain things like hunger and stuff but it doesn’t make it right at times. I love having the beer fridge running in the garage. Cold beer to fuel working men. I found a 200 watt light bulb for the garage to replace the one that broke. It’s so darn bright. I want to replace the bulbs with florescent shop lights. We’ll see. The costs associated with this project are starting to add up.

So again, thanks to my father and Nate. Seriously. Oh, and the cold finally set it this week. I think winter is here. We are going to be using the heat soon.

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