Need to Get Out

We had a wonderful visit from Jerry and Jeanine this weekend. It was good to see friends, eat some food and stuff. Thanks for coming out to our little home! On another note, however, I really need to get out. I sometimes feel like a pensioner. It seems like all I do now is work and that’s not just recently. Some time management is in order but really I just need to get up and go places. The zoo about a month ago was a step in the right direction. Just making a note that I need to take the initiative.

Which really, when it comes down to it, we really live far from everything. There is nothing here in Bremerton. The night life of Seattle is expensive to get to when you add up ferry and gas costs on top of whatever your night costs. Our family is all accross the water making having anyone watch our boy for a few hours while we relax impossible. With the industry I’m in I think moving to the King/Pierce County area is probably our best bet. Houses are a bit more expensive though. It’s always been our plan to move that way but now its just more desireable. Like its been confirmed or something.

Listening to the news sometimes is a chore. Its like eating a full meal. Lately with all the crap in Lebanon the rage brewing within me just makes me want to turn the channel to something brainless. I love being aware but sometimes I need a break.

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