Game Launch: Tomorrow

Wowsers do the wheels start spinning quick at the company a week before release. It is amazing to watch. I have been busy automating some cool things. One is a game card program. You give it an XML file that contains all the text for the cards and the necessary images like background and icons and using PHP I stick them all together. I am most proud of my custom font map. We have this custom font we are using for the titles. Unfortunately, none of the PHP libraries I am aware of like GD or ImageMagick handle the kind of detail I need so I took the alphabet upper and lower case plus a couple punctuation marks and put them on a transparent background and used an array to map out all the character locations and then build the title and then copy it to the card.

GW Ritualist

I then automagically place these onto a 9 slot sheet. The question marks are skill icons that are missing. I am waiting for those.

GW Card Plate

Then these will be sent to printers along with the reverse sides. There are about 93 sheets of these cards. They are so beautiful. I can’t take credit for the art but I will take credit for constructing a program that builds cards in the matter of a few minutes with no need for additional adjustment.

They were doing this process manually until this week thanks to me. All 781 cards.

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