Game Launch Party

I had a great time attending the Guild Wars: Nighfall launch party last night. It was so nice to be part of something so fun and interesting. The party was held at the Pravda Studios on 10th and Union on Capital Hill. The event was plush; music played and the decor was North African. Good looking belly dancers danced through the crowd. Intel and ATI made their presence and the free open bar I visited frequently. It was great to see so many of my co-workers there. We mingled and talked. The main event for the evening was watching the behind the scenes movie played on huge LCD flat screens throughout the hall. Sadly I was not in it but afterwards my wife and I stepped into the free photo booth and had a couple shots taken. The passion and talent at my workplace is nice to see. I really hope I get to stick around.

Oh and I have contributed a little to the WikiPedia. Sounds silly… but those of you who know me can spot my contribution. Or, you can view the update notes. :)

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