Gah, so my computer is grinding to a halt. I think I might need to open the case and clean it up from dust but even more so, it may be time for a wipe. But even with a wipe, my AMD 2000+ isn’t what it used to be.

But back to what I am reflecting on: friendship. I value friendship so much but I myself am not the best friend at times, Over the years I have met people and every relationship comes and goes. You get out of relationships what you put into them I guess. Its curious how often most friendships seem to dissapate into long ago memories. Life takes me off to faraway places. My wife, work and school consume most of my time so I don’t spend enough time nurturing these fragile seedlings I call friends. The resilient frienships are those that have endured a long time and its through those that I see the most of myself through which makes them all the more valuable. Being married to my wife has put my life into a perpetual state of blessing. People flake out, friends come and go, my job sucks the life from my body and school send my stress levels to ulcer producing levels but my wife is always there. She is my solid rock. The one person I can always count on.

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