Back Breaking Work

I had a very busy weekend. It was hard work but I started working on my garage. It has a leaky roof that has been poorly maintained. Rather than choosing neglect like those before me (and heck, a lot of people when it comes to their homes) I am going to fix it and do it right. The roof is a layer of wooden shingles in a state of dry rot, 3/8″ plywood, tar paper, roll shingle, felt paper, and shingles. It all had to come down. I started with the easier side so that once I had its new plywood down I would have something solid and sure to walk on.

New Garage Roof Project 1

Taking the old stuff was difficult. My dad and I used a six foot crowbar which made it a little easier. Taking it off in sections made it less crazy too.

New Garage Roof Project 2

Our neighbor to the left is a contractor and let us use one section of scaffolding which proved to be quite useful.

New Garage Roof Project 3

The trusses underneath the roof were in good shape; no rot or weaknesses. We decided to leave them but reinforce them at the points where the new plywood would be seamed.

New Garage Roof Project 4

My dad here is nailing in one of the extra two by four pieces. Our neighbor to the right let us use her mider saw. Mine is stored at my dad’s. Looks like I should go get it! We put the ends on first and then hauled the half inch plywood up and secured it. I am sure glad they built this garage using some normal dimensions. The roof is eight feet by twenty feet on each side.

Anyway, that’s all for now. Its getting late and we need to get going to bed. My dad brought over his amazing, quite-possibly-the-best-I-had-ever-tasted, cherry wine. The gallon should last me a while but with how good it is… maybe not.

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